Advertise, support and export our region’s best products meeting the demands of worldwide customers, based on a team of committed people to sustainability fisheries resources through an efficient, environmentally and socially responsible operation.


Our vision is to be a global company that offers our customers an absolute seasonal continuity dispatching all our products, and maintain the quality that characterizes us.


Our Products are marketed at national and international market , The strategy that we have to satisfy our customers is using sustainability methods to handle products with the highest standards, safety and hygiene so that they arrive to their destination in the best conditions.


Baja Sea Export is committed to the long term sustainability of seafood. We take pride in responsible fishing and adhering to comprehensive local and global Legislation´s; ensuring the protection of the species for future generations. The success of our company depends on the health of our seafood and the sustainable management of our fishery. As a progressive company, we are also committed to ensuring all divisions of our business operations are environmentally .

Sustainability in fishing practices, ensures traceability of seafood from capture, to final consumer a guaranteed product.

Sustainability photo
Sustainability photo
Sustainability photo


Ensenada, Baja California, México

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